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We're all about care

Our services aim to reduce the time and stress commonly experienced with transitioning to a new home.

Meet Cameron Early 

Founding Partner

Cameron started the business in 2014 providing personal moving services to over 600 people. Cameron is a registered valuer and licenced real estate agent.  

Active Volunteer

Cameron has been an active volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Paddington in Queensland at both the ground roots and corporate governance level for over 15 years.

Home Transitions Expert

Golden Years is proud to be the first Australian Seniors Home Transition Service to be accepted as a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) of the USA.

And the team



Brian Griffin

Business Development Manager

Stephen Kelly


Golden Years  provides Seniors move assistance in Queensland and other States upon request. We are a specialised transition services for Seniors. We offer a free consultation at home or at our office in the heart of beautiful Brisbane. 

Did you know?

The Australian population is ageing – today there are 3.45 million people aged

over 65 years old, in 2024 it will be 4.76 million people and by 2044 it will be

7.75 million people.

Today the Australian population aged over 85 is 455,390 people, in 2024 it

will be 601,815 people and by 2044 it will be 1,655,997 people.

And we are living longer, this year 2,643 letters will be written by the

Monarch to congratulate those who turn 100, in 2024 it will be 4,885 letters

and by 2044 it will 18,567 letters.

How we can help

You may have to move into new accommodation that best meets your needs and we can tailor our services, whether it be downsizing, independent sales advice, disconnection and redirection of services, to help you through this stressful time and make everything just so relaxed and easy.

If you’re helping your parents or a friend at this time, we can provide you with the peace of mind that their needs will be taken care of.

The first step, the right step, is to call us on 07 3233 3888

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